Dear friends,
It gives me immense pleasure that I am contributing “Shatabdi Mahotsava” edition of the “Tattwadarshi”.
Being a part of “Tattwadarshi” team, first thing that came to our mind was that what would be done to preserve the ethos and ideology and even more the grandeur of “Tattwadarshi”, as it was before. It was imperative that every team member should know it because without its knowledge our attempt would be impossible. So we came together, discussed about various issues and aspects. At last the vision of “Tattwadarshi” had become fixed in our mind and over the following one month we had gone through it.
      After discussions with team several issues came across, but our team found that global warming is a really a big problem. We have to deal with it now, because it has the potential to affect our lives and our planet’s environment forever, and this would affect every living being on our planet.
             To tackle Global warming a united effort from all the countries both developed and developing nations is necessary. It‟s not always fair to put blame on politicians and government to take initial steps always. But as a citizen we should also take steps whatever possible with us. You probably aren‟t going to make a huge impact alone, but such activities can also allow you to be a positive example to others, who may also change their behavior as a result of your example. That is how change occurs.
              In fact we youth are lucky enough since our ancestors had left with greener environs for us to lead a happy life. On the same note it is our responsibility to leave a better environment for the future generation. Instead of gifting material gifts on occasions we can gift plants, saplings. This could be a smaller step though it would leave a greener tomorrow for the generations to come. We the humans have magnanimously contributed 90% to this level of Global Warming. One should take this issue very personal. We can contribute in so many ways to stop this happening. We should actively participate with groups that work for preserving nature in whatever way we can. Participation can be in any way. Make the World a better place to live in for you, me and for everyone. We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act. We will gratify if we contribute a little bit to Global Warming Awareness Movement.
              Our esteemed institution has made glorious progress with strong undercurrents of highest belief in the spiritualism of “Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj” and the universal philosophy of swami Vivekananda. We not only scaled new heights in the technology and the academic fields but also created an indelible mark in various fields.I firmly believe that a magazine is a reflection of the college culture, a media to represent students, teaching staff, the happenings in the college. We gave emphasis that every section should find equal weightage here.
              At last, with the deepest gratitude I wish to thank every person who has come into my life and inspired, touched, and illuminated me through their presence.
It was a great working with team under the guidance of Prof. Dr. N. A.PATIL.I would also like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to all the departments in SSGMCE for their magnificent support Once again I thank all my colleagues for their all out help to bring this magazine to you.
So go ahead and enjoy reading!!!
Pravin Ingle
(Tech. Editor)Tattwadarshi2010

Third Year Electrical Engineering

Introduction Of "TATTWADARSHI"

Tattwadarshi is one of the most vibrant, diversified an old magazine of which was published every year. It has been and old tradition of our magazine to present a new approach in each issue. The magazine has always put emphasis on the total development of the students through the articles. Also it enable to develop the over all personality of the students through creativity thinking.
It requires an Editorial Team. A Editorial Team includes Staff Advisor, Chief Editor, Associate Chief Editor, Editor, Co-editor and Three or four members for Marathi Section, Editor, Co-editor and three or four members for Hindi Section, Editor, Co-editor and Three or four members for English Section, Editor, Co-editor and Three or four members for Science and Technical Section, Three or four Layout Artists, Art Directors, One Clerk for Computerized work, Advertiser for Advertisement, Two Members for Photographer for Photo/Circulation.

        Objectives:      Its sole aim was to form interlinks between six pillars of our college that are:

  • Management
  • Teaching Staff
  • Supporting Staff
  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Society
Besides this, spreading awareness of knowledge views about the students and forge links with other student associations.  A novel of getting the students themselves decide the content was introduced every year, as it is the magazine by the students, of the students and for the students. This was achieved through conducting surveys, opinion polls, contests etc. that sparked the student’s interest and an exhaustive coverage of the youth and students activity. The magazine contains articles in Marathi, English, Hindi and Science & Technical Sections.

1.     It helps in nurturing one’s literary, oratorical and management skills.
2.     It provides a platform for the students to convey their opinions, problems etc. to Professors and Management.


साजिर्‍याशा एका संध्याकाळी
कोठून जाणे कसे वादळी वारे आले
अन् बघता बघता सारे उद्ध्वस्त झाले
माझी स्वप्ने, माझ्या महत्वाकांक्षा
सारे सारे वाहून गेले

मी शोधू पाहतोय माझी
कवितांची वही,
माझ्या गाण्यांचे रेकॉर्ड्स
पण स्मृतिभ्रंश झाल्याप्रमाणे
काहीच आठवत नाही…

आणि त्यानंतर सुन्न मनाने
डोळे मिटून घेतो
तेव्हा घुमत राहतात
त्याच वादळी वार्‍याचे आवाज
कानामध्ये, मनामध्ये…
– काव्य सागर

खो मधुशाला… !!!!

आज हातात बच्चन यांचे मधुशाला हे पुस्तक आले…
मधुशाला” बच्चन यांनी १९३५ मधे लिहिलेला रुँबायांचा संग्रह आहे…
प्रत्येक रुबाई मधे हरिवंशराय यांनी अशी काही जादू भरून टाकली आहे की आजही त्यांची प्रत्येक रुँबाई तेवढीच वास्तविक आणि सुमधुर वाटते ॥
वास्तविकत: बच्चन यांनी कधीही मद्याला स्पर्श केला नाही…. पण तरीही मद्याशालेची मादकता शब्दात उतरवण्यात ते यशस्वी झाले।
या रुबायतुन ते कधी प्रबोधन करतात कधी सामाजिक सन्देश देतात तर कधी खंत व्यक्त करतात याशाठी त्यांनी प्रतिक म्हणून मद्यास्हल्ला वापरलं आहे.
त्यांची एक रुबाई खाली नमुन्याखातर देत आहे आणि मग स्वत:च खो घेवुन त्याचे भाषांतर करतो … 😀
रुबाई क्रमांक ५०: पान क्रमांक ६०

मुसलमान हिन्दू है दो,
, मगर उनका प्याला ,
, मगर उनका मदिरालय,
, मगर, उनकी हाला;

दोनों रहते एक जब तक
मस्जिद में जाते;
बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मंदिर,
कराती मधुशाला !
आणि मी केलेला हा त्याचा स्वैर भावानुवाद :

मुस्लिम आणि हिन्दू जरी आहेत वेगले,
आहे त्यांचा पेला;
आहे त्यांचे मदिरालय,
एक आहे त्यांचे मद्य ;

दोघे एकत्र असतात जोवर,
मंदिर मशिदीत जात नाही;

वाद वाढवतात मंदिर मशीद,
एकत्र आणते मधुशाला ;


माझा विश्वास नाही!
कशावरही; कुणावरही
विश्वास बाळगावा तरी का?

या मार्गाच्या कुठल्याश्या
वळणावर ‘घात’ होऊन
विश्वासघात होण्याची ‘शक्यता’ ( विश्वास नव्हे!)
जिथे आहे तिथे-
विश्वास कुणावर ठेवावा?

म्हणूनच मी विश्वास ठेवत नाही…
असलाच तर आत्मविश्वास आहे
स्वत:वर, स्वत:च्या विचारांवर,
कर्तृत्वावर वगैरे वगैरे…

कारण इथे घात होणार नाही
असा माझा ‘विश्वास’ आहे

मी माझा विश्वासघात करणे
शक्य नाही….
( आणि केलाच तरी तो
कळणार कुणाला ?)

-काव्य सागर