One World:One Nation

Hi friends,A decade ago I had started a movement “One World: One Nation!”. Though people thought the concept is novel but were and I can see till now they are sceptical about this thought. I do not think this to be an impossible task though it might take a century to have the concept in practice.First of all the very concept of Nation is artificial. The so-called national feeling and pride have not long history. No boundaries of any nation has been permanent. Before rise of nationalism there used to be kingdoms and empires with ever changing boundaries. Also today, no nation is separate island. “Iron Curtain’s” have already been broken. All mankind living on earth have become interdependent. No any national economy today is independent. We all are dependent on each other. Every nation’s international policies are affected by importance of co-existence. Also today we can find how different cultures are influencing each other! In short we cannot live neglecting others. Theory of otherness has now no relevence. And still every nation is spending 10 to 15% of national income on army and armaments. Look at this whopping figure and you will find, there cannot be any powerty anywhere on this globe if those funds deployed for betterment of human being. We take pride to be only planet in the known universe where life is flourishing and yet we are upto destroy it moment after moment. We should feel ashamed.If we really are intelligent species in the known universe, we need to act like intelligent. And the final goal of such intelligence could be bring forward new global order: One World: One Nation.

-Sanjay Sonawani